Dental Implants Cost

Dental Implants Can Save You Money

Dr. Kit Robinson works hard to keep dental implants cost down in Hahira, GA. If you have lost a tooth, it is important to seek treatment for replacement as soon as possible. Dr. Robinson knows how important of an investment it is to restore and maintain your oral health and will work with you to make that goal possible. Traditional methods of replacing missing teeth, like dental bridges and partials, often require regular repair and replacement, but with proper maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Factors that Influence Tooth Implant Cost

Several things will influence tooth implant cost at Dr. Robinson’s office. Some of those factors include:

  • Do you have bone loss? – Sometimes an additional bone grafting procedure is necessary in cases with low bone volume or density.
  • How many teeth need to be replaced? – The number of dental implants and materials needed will affect tooth implant cost.
  • Do you need a sinus lift? – When back teeth are lost your sinuses can sometimes enlarge. You might need an additional procedure of a sinus lift to accommodate the dental implants.
  • Do you need any extractions or are you completely without teeth? – Tooth extractions are an additional procedure. Replacing a whole arch of teeth might only require four to five dental implants.
  • Do you have periodontal disease? – Gum disease will have to be treated and controlled before dental implants can be placed to ensure the best outcome for successful implantation.
  • What type of procedure are you having? – There is a variety of options for dental implant type and procedure. Dr. Robinson will be able to discuss all of your options and decide which one is best for your specific dental needs.

We work hard to make sure you can afford the proper dental care that you and your family need. We will work with you by offering affordable payment plans. We also accept most major credit cards and insurance plans to help with your tooth implant cost. To find out more about dental implants cost in Hahira, GA, call our office and one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to answer your questions.