LANAP® Procedure

The Basic Steps of the LANAP® Laser Gum Surgery in Hahira, GA

The LANAP® laser protocol removes bacteria and infected tissue in one or two sessions, depending upon the amount of gum tissue affected. Performed without incisions or sutures, laser gum disease treatment requires less downtime and reduces the discomfort and inflammation generally associated with traditional gum surgery. If you need gum disease treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kit Robinson for laser gum surgery in Hahira, GA. Each LANAP® gum disease treatment consists of the following:

  • Assessment of periodontal damage
  • Removal of bacteria
  • Removal of calculus
  • Encouragement of coagulation
  • Tissue compression

What to Expect from Your Appointment for Laser Gum Surgery in Hahira, GA

Assessment of Periodontal Damage

Dr. Robinson will first determine your loss of attachment, evaluating the depths of your periodontal pockets with a probe before using the laser.

Removal of Bacteria

The fine tip of the laser will be inserted between your teeth and gums. The pulsed light targets only the bacteria that caused your gum disease as well as infected tissue, leaving your healthy tissue untouched.

Removal of Calculus

Ultrasonic scalers are then used to remove calculus, or tartar, from the surfaces of the teeth below your gum line.

Encouragement of Coagulation

The laser is again utilized to stimulate the bone and tissue at the tooth roots. This encourages your blood to clot, sealing off the area around the teeth to affect a healthier healing environment in the recovery period after gum disease treatment. It also facilitates the regeneration of bone, helping you save teeth that might otherwise need extraction.

Tissue Compression

At this point of the gum disease treatment, gum tissue can be compressed against the teeth without the placement of any stitches. Dr. Robinson will also evaluate your gum tissue, teeth, and bone, to assess the results of your laser gum surgery. He will adjust your bite, if necessary.

The LANAP® laser protocol is a minimally invasive manner of treating gum disease. To schedule your consultation in Hahira, GA, contact Dr. Robinson today.